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How to spot a Gullible Gamer, the top 10

How to spot a Gullible Gamer:

1. He can really rely on a big-name franchise (Spiderman, Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones, Nancy Drew, Pirates oTC, Batman, etc) to assure him of a great gaming experience every time.

2. He thinks games are fresher if they’re purchased on the very day they’re released.

3. He knows that the sequel to a game will inevitably be better than the original.

4. Those impressive pre-release ‘screenshots’ are exactly what he’ll see on his screen after he buys the game. All magazine reviews that use those shots can be trusted implicitly, because hey — why would the reviewer want to show readers the screenshots they made while playing?

5. All game reviewers actually play the game.

6. Getting the mobile phone version of his game will richly expand and deepen his gaming experience.

7. Games marketing always tells the truth, and he must pay close attention to pre-release “weapon reveal” marketing — it’s really really exciting.

8. His new Xbox 360 is impregnable. The box doesn’t have a 50:50 chance of breaking down, the game controller’s flimsy wire cable will never break.

9. Online games like World of Warcraft have such great graphics.

10. Immersion really happens when he’s sitting on a couch twelve ft. away from the TV in a well-lit room, listing on his built-in TV speakers.


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