Gaming in s-3D without the expensive kit.

Did you know you can play stereo-3D games using just your normal LCD monitor, the new Nvidia drivers and some old red-blue 3D glasses? Here’s how, and then select special preview mode for red-blue glasses.

The effect is not as stunning as using all the special Nvidia kit that’s becoming available, but then you’re not spending £1000 on a new 120hz monitor, a super-fast graphics card (it has to do double the work to output s-3D) and probably a new PSU to run it, and the expensive shutter glasses.

Although even for red-blue glasses 3D you’ll still need a GeForce 9600 or better graphics card, and a pair of those ubiquitous cheap cardboard glasses. Hundreds of games work fine — although weapons / HUDs / third-person views may be a little messed up (FUEL‘s menu system is a particular mess), and you may need to disable some eye-candy to boost the frames-per-second. Some games run faster than others with red-blue 3D. The Hunter runs very well, while UT2004 runs like a slideshow, for instance. And the colours are likely to be a little off — Nvidia’s drivers try to compensate for the colour-shift, but then “many hues of brown” is the chosen colour-scheme of many AAA game titles, right?

You can take 3D screenshots with Alt + F1. These result in stereo pairs dropped into a subfolder of My Documents, with the .JPS extension. Simply rename to .JPG to open them in Photoshop or to post them to Flickr…


Nvidia’s free 3D Vision Photo Viewer can then display a .JPS stereo pair like this as a single red-blue 3D picture with no problem. Just tell people to rename the .JPG to .JPS first.


2 comments on “Gaming in s-3D without the expensive kit.

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  2. Update: I’m pleased to say that “Dragon Age: Origins” is looking rather good with anaglyph stereo 3d (red-blue) clip-on plastic glasses, clipped over good-quality reading glasses. This may well be the first game I play through entirely in 3D. Dragon Age also runs very well from a single graphics card at 1920 x 1200 – a testament to the tight code written by Bioware and my new quad-core CPU, I think. The graphics and anti-aliasing on the 2D version are not stellar and when not in cut-scene mode actually rather unlike-able, and so the game’s graphics seem to be actually improved by stereo-3D. Certain types of close-up cut scenes (focus on a single face) are not in focus for s-3D – but then looking away at the background (which is in s-3D focus) while those are going on can also improve the game, as the lip-sync is not as perfect as it might be.

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