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12 academic books on RPGs

12 academic/documentary books on RPGs and fantasy videogames

Dragon Age: the first eight hours

It’s been a busy post-release 24 hours for Dragon Age: Origins. There’s a 1.01 patch which apparently smooths out some potentially game-stopping difficulty-spikes. The free Dragon Age toolset v1 (full-blown construction kit and cutscene animator for modders) has been released. There’s even a wiki or two. Doubtless mod lists will start to appear in the […]

Dragon Age: Origins in stereo 3D

I’m pleased to say that the new RPG game Dragon Age: Origins is looking rather good with anaglyph stereo 3d (red-blue) plastic glasses, clipped over good-quality reading glasses. This may well be the first game I play entirely in 3D. All DA‘s normal in-play activity works nearly perfectly, with only occasional edge-ghosting noticeable. * the […]

Dragon hatches

I’ve been idly musing on what I might be playing in the mid December – early January window, and today I stumbled over a lovely golden egg… and it hatched. A real rare bird, too — a single-player traditional PC role-playing videogame of quality. Yes, ’tis Dragon Age: Origins, which is fluttering into the wild […]