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Dragon Age: Origins in stereo 3D

I’m pleased to say that the new RPG game Dragon Age: Origins is looking rather good with anaglyph stereo 3d (red-blue) plastic glasses, clipped over good-quality reading glasses. This may well be the first game I play entirely in 3D. All DA‘s normal in-play activity works nearly perfectly, with only occasional edge-ghosting noticeable.

* the frame-rate in stereo 3D holds up very well, even at 1920 x 1200 and with all eye-candy set to maximum – possibly a testament to the tight code written by Bioware, and my new quad-core CPU. It’s perfectly smooth and playable, even when powered by only one GeForce 9600GT graphics card.

* Dragon Age‘s graphics and strong UT2004-style colour palette are frankly not very exciting, and the stereo-3D effect masks almost all of the flaws.

* only one type of cut scene shot (‘a single face centred on the screen’) doesn’t focus in s-3D. But if you look away at the background when such scenes appear, you won’t notice that the lip-sync is not as perfect as it might be and that the facial animations are not as convincing as the voices. Again, stereo 3D serves to enhance the game.


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