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Morrowind Expanded – linkrot fixed

I just checked all the links, and repaired all link-rot, on my popular guide to re-installing Morrowind with mods.

A quick and basic Elder Scrolls: Oblivion “install and optimise” guide

A quick and basic Elder Scrolls: Oblivion “install and optimise”: Updated November 2014 — all links repaired. In-game widescreen screenshot, the excellent Morrowind-inspired Lost Spires mod quest. There’s very little wrestling with compatibility issues here, or with fiendishly complex installs that require cleaning/combining mods — but my tutorial still manages to get you to a […]

“We’ll always have Paris…”

A mini-review of The Saboteur (2009). Windows PC version. Pandemic/Electronic Arts. This is an initial review of just the first four hours of The Saboteur, with covers a tutorial mission in Paris, and then takes the player back through a long (three hours) playable “flashback” sequence and integrated tutorial which explains why you’re in the […]