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Art history of games symposium

If you’re anywhere near Atlanta, USA, in the next few days, there’s a symposium on the art history of games.


To save people from having to read iClone stuff here, I’ve started a new iClone 4 blog.

Pirates Ahoy!

Ah, I love the smell of old fixxer-up-er games in the morning. This one needs only one single huge mod, because it’s fairly obscure (no-one seems to like old PC pirate games, despite the success of Jack Sparrow and the remake of Monkey Island) and because the fans decided to pool their resources. These links […]

Games and fluid intelligence

Hot from the Office of Naval Research’s warfighter performance department… “We have discovered that video game players perform 10 to 20 percent higher in terms of perceptual and cognitive ability than normal people that are non-game players,” […] for 50 years, it was believed that no training could improve a person’s “fluid intelligence” — the […]

Enabling Nvidia 3D Vision on a fresh install of Windows 7

Casual gamers with a fresh install of Windows 7 will find the new O/S doesn’t make it easy to enable stereo 3D in games. The Nvidia instruction to… “Browse to the Start Menu > NVIDIA Corporation > 3D Vision and select “Enable 3D VISION Discover”.” … was completely useless, because I had no such shortcut […]

New research on game development costs

Develop magazine reports on new research that pegs per-game development costs at between $18 and $28 million. That’s for a multi-platform title: PC, Xbox, PS3. It’d be interesting to see the current costs/profits balance for a PC-only indie game. I’m guessing way below $1 million, and the cost to profits ratio potentially geared a lot […]

Assembling a complete virtual film-making suite

Update, 2012: this was written at the start of me getting into real-time animation, and I might write it differently now! I‘ve been asked to research and recommend a complete balanced suite of “virtual movie-making” software, that a school might need to buy to serve all aspects of the film-making process from start to finish. […]