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Pirates Ahoy!

Ah, I love the smell of old fixxer-up-er games in the morning. This one needs only one single huge mod, because it’s fairly obscure (no-one seems to like old PC pirate games, despite the success of Jack Sparrow and the remake of Monkey Island) and because the fans decided to pool their resources. These links are for those intending to play the PC version of the game Pirates of the Caribbean (Disney/Bethesda, 2004), with the latest (2009) fan mods and patches that fix up the game.

Install: Obviously, first obtain the game, and then the Build 13 and Build 14 mods (aka “New Horizons”) from Pirates Ahoy! team of fan modders. These fans have spent five years fixing everything that can be fixed in the game.

Walkthroughs: For the PC and the latest Build 14 mod (tutorial and Act One only, 2009). There are also older walkthroughs for the XBox (2005) and for the PC (2003).

Also useful: A printable set of default key assignments and a set of widescreen screenshots for the modded version.


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