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Indie videogame makers – the documentary

We’ve had some great feature-length documentaries recently. Fanzine creators, pinball table makers, World of Warcraft addicts… Now 25 year old La Mar Williams wants to travel across America and interview indie game makers before he goes to college next year, as part of making a feature-length documentary. So far he’s raised nearly $6,500 of the $22,000 total he needs to make the film. He’s already shot a lot of footage at the Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco. 63 days to go… but I hope he makes it. He already has some video online.

Sadly, the donations site he’s using only accepts credit cards via Amazon Payments, and requires a sign-up. Apparently PayPal has a big thing against people asking for donations for future projects, and will bar accounts which are used for that, so I guess the Kickstarter site is his best option. Why can’t PayPal just hold the donations unpaid, until the project hits its target?


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