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Just Cause 2 first impressions

This is a “first impressions” note on the PC version of Just Cause 2.

The good: 1) the tutorial is fairly short; 2) the game looks amazing, and runs even better (at 1920 x 1200 pixels!); 3) it has full-blown powerful anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering — and doesn’t slow down; 4) it’s vibrant and colourful, shunning the generic and lazy “many varieties of shit brown” colour-scheme; 5) the interface, maps and menu elements are excellent, and can all be taken off the screen (even the cross-hair, with a little trainer); 6) it hasn’t crashed at all.

The bad: 1) the game forces you to install Steam to play it; 2) it forces you to have an internet connection to play; 3) it has terribly mis-timed lip-sync in cut-scenes — how did this get past quality-testing?; 4) a yawn-inducing generic opening-plot during the tutorial; 5) no option for a first-person view; 6) the controls are taking quite some getting used to; 7) the camera is far too loose and slippy (with no options to tighten it up) and there seems to be a fair number of motion-sickness -inducing play elements so far; 8 ) several game-stopping moments during the tutorial — the casino helicopter got stuck in one of the buildings, and if you jump on the car too early you get stuck up there and can’t move.

My genuine in-play screenshots from the PC version, at 1920 x 1200 — click on an image to see the full version…

Hopefully there will be a patch soon that fixes:

* the lack of first-person view

* the terrible lip-sync in cut-scenes

* the too-loose and slippy camera

Sadly, it’s probably too late to fix the story.


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