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Morrowind 10th Anniversary edition

Morrowind will have its 10th Anniversary in 2012, having been released 1st – 5th May 2002. How should it celebrate? Personally I’d like to see a new boxed GOTD (“game of the decade”) edition that carefully integrates and balances the best of the fan mods, unofficial expansions and graphics enhancements, and that can all be installed in a few clicks — without having to spend a day downloading and installing and wrangling them all. And then runs the game through a graphics extender. Perhaps two-thirds of the proceeds could go to a charity, in lieu of payment to the modders? Maybe also add a “making of…” documentary with interviews with Ken Rolston and the other developers of the time. And a beautiful frame-able map printed on premium matt “antique” paper.


One comment on “Morrowind 10th Anniversary edition

  1. Or, getting radical… how about an official Morrowind MMO via a complete conversion of the open source Ryzom code?

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