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Nehrim released!

Awesome news for Oblivion fans, Nehrim is released. Yes, that’s right. After four years of work by a small German team, it’s actually released. Today. For free. But only in German. The English translation is in progress.

Nehrim is of course the follow up to the superb Morrowind total conversion, Arktwend. It’s a complete new game for free, although you need a copy of Oblivion to play it. It’s even moddable. Nehrim is…

555,840 objects in 9,622 loading areas (levels) and is inhabited by 1,285 non-player characters, some of them friendly, others hostile. 1,616 scripts take care of offering the players enough variety in the 35-part main quest as well as in the about 30 side quests. In the German version, you can hear 56 professional voice actors, while the nearly 50 new and self-composed pieces of music can be enjoyed internationally. On top of that, there are a lot of new weapons, armours and spells. Referring to the testers, the game can hold you busy for about 40-50 hours.

The superb professional-quality soundtrack, some of which has already been released, is by Lukas Deuschel — who also did the music for Arktwend.

Congratulations to the entire team. Plenty dream of starting a total conversion, a few even get as far as a few levels and characters. But Sure A.I. deliver, and with a quality that matches and sometimes surpasses the original game.

I wrote the English walkthrough for Arktwend, and I’m thinking I might also have a go at doing one for Nehrim too.

The 1.6Gb torrent for the German version is here. The English translation mod will be done “when it’s done”.


One comment on “Nehrim released!

  1. The front page of the Nehrim website now says…

    “The English version of Nehrim that will include translated texts and German voice acting will be released in July or August 2010.”

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