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Oblivion mod: The Betrayal of Jarvall

Do screenshots get any more alluring than this? Yes, they might have been in widescreen — but why quibble? 30 new screenshots from the forthcoming Oblivion mod “The Betrayal of Jarvall” here.

In-depth Grim Dawn interview

I’m not one to pay much attention to pre-release hype, but a new long interview with the developers of the excellent Titan Quest caught my eye. They’re making a Titan Quest -alike PC action RPG game called Grim Dawn. Some interesting information on those “disappointing” Titan Quest sales… “…something funny happened. Those low initial sales […]

Google Image and game screenshots – something’s new

Did Google install an “awesome screenshot detection algorithm” along with its new Image Search? Something has certainly changed. The standard and tediously-unbelievable pre-release publicity shots (mostly) no longer clog the top slots. Instead there are a great many outstanding screenshots, usually without a watermark hogging a corner. Perhaps it’s depreciating the images with logos and […]

The shift to digital distribution

A new NPD report on the PC games industry claims that “48 per cent of PC games are downloaded [and] have almost reached a parity with physical boxed sales.” The percentages translate to… “21.3 million PC digital downloads in 2009, versus 2.35 million physical boxed products sold.” However “digital downloads” is not quite the same […]

Screenshot photography

Dead End Thrills is a new site dedicated to the art of the in-play screenshot. Which means proper screenshots, not the semi-fictitious marketing Photoshoppery that floats around the media before a game’s launch… ” ‘videogame photography’, an attempt to portray the drama, spectacle and beauty of games using angles and subjects beyond the player experience.”

New Q&A with the Nehrim team

Planet Elder Scrolls has a new exclusive interview: an English-language Q&A with Nehrim Development Team. And the latest patch for the German version is out… “The latest patch also features a new dungeon, and a new crafting skill.” The English translation mod is now due in August 2010, according to the lengthy 2,500-word interview… “We’re […]

This Gaming Life: Travels in Three Cities – free

A free full Creative Commons copy of the game studies / anthropology book This Gaming Life: Travels in Three Cities. In which Jim Rossignol journeys through the communities of Quake, World of Warcraft, and Eve Online.