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New Q&A with the Nehrim team

Planet Elder Scrolls has a new exclusive interview: an English-language Q&A with Nehrim Development Team.

And the latest patch for the German version is out…

“The latest patch also features a new dungeon, and a new crafting skill.”

The English translation mod is now due in August 2010, according to the lengthy 2,500-word interview…

“We’re currently in the stage of proofreading. All texts are translated by now, except a few books. Once the corrections are done, we’ll create an English master file and run a small test to be sure that we didn’t overlook any untranslated parts. I’m still thinking that a release in August is possible.”

“And by the way, there are also translations into Russian, Japanese, Polish and French in development (not by us, of course). I do hope that they will be finished some day.”

If you haven’t finished Arktwend yet (their fun Morrowind total-conversion), it might be best to do so while you’re waiting for the English translation, because…

“it is especially interesting that many characters from Arktwend will play a role in Nehrim. This way, the game could shed light on parts of the history of Arktwend which might have remained unexplained.”

Sadly it seems there won’t be a total conversion mod from the guys for Elder Scrolls V, since these young guys are all off to university or jobs now…

“there are no plans for more big projects by SureAI”


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