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In-depth Grim Dawn interview

I’m not one to pay much attention to pre-release hype, but a new long interview with the developers of the excellent Titan Quest caught my eye. They’re making a Titan Quest -alike PC action RPG game called Grim Dawn.

Some interesting information on those “disappointing” Titan Quest sales…

“…something funny happened. Those low initial sales that were supposed to rapidly drop off to nothing never dropped off. The monthly sales never increased to anything impressive but they just kept going and going, longer than anyone could have imaged. […] Titan Quest just kept rolling. […] The game had not only reached profitability but it was very close to surpassing a million copies sold.”

And that’s because Titan Quest is a great big fun game, looks fabulous throughout, and unlike most first-person PC RPGs is blissfully easy to just pick up and start playing. I’m playing it now and am about to battle the final Telkine — the game’s certainly going into my personal top 10 of “best games ever”.

The interview has new (to me) set of screenshots for Grim Dawn. It looks like Titan Quest filtered through H.P. Lovecraft, with a Fallout-like backstory. And with a… “new dynamic weather system”. I’d buy that.


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