Nehrim walkthrough – English version

My unofficial “starter” walkthrough, for the English version of the Oblivion total conversion, Nehrim: At Fate’s Edge.

Click to download (3Mb, PDF file). Version 1.0, September 2010. It covers the prologue in/at Shadow Song Mine, and the Tirin Abbey locale and quests.

If a German walkthrough appears at some point (no sign of one yet), I’ll translate it and add it to the end of the document.

For the completest collector, I also have a printable DVD-case cover.

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3 comments on “Nehrim walkthrough – English version

  1. Thanks a lot for the English walkthrough! This would be useful in case I missed anything on my first playthrough. Nehrim is more than a total conversion. It felt more like a stand-alone game based on the Oblivion‘s graphics engine. I can even say it looks even more distinct compared to the recent Fallout: New Vegas, which looks like a glorified mod.

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