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Kongregate’s Loondon is a bittersweet fairy-tale puzzle-game, done as a free online Flash game, in which you help Jonah the hunchback… “in his search for happiness.” It’s a pity that Flash game sites such as Kongregate think people are still living back in 1997, with a 12″ CRT monitor running at 800 x 600. Force […]

Review of Risen (on the PC, patched)

Risen. Windows, having applied the bug-killing 1.10 patch of March 2010. I’m at 20+ hours of play. I’ve found Risen to be a very enjoyable and engaging PC RPG, with a strong sense of place and memorable characters. It’s an ‘open world’, but a manageable one — there are just four main areas. So far […]

New TIGA survey of the UK industry

Some encouraging news on the health of the British game development industry. The trade body TIGA has today released details of a survey showing that more game-related companies have opened since 2008 than have closed. Numbers on the payroll overall have dipped by nine per cent, but it’s unclear if they’re measuring all staff or […]

Beyond Role and Play – free ebook

Free book: Beyond Role and Play : tools, toys and theory for harnessing the imagination (2004) (13Mb PDF link). Opening essay is: “In Search of the Self : A Survey of the First 25 Years of Anglo-American Role-Playing Game Theory”.

Lord of the Rings Online free: the first few hours

The Lord of the Rings Online is now live as a free-to-play online game across the UK and Europe, as of 2nd November 2010. “No subscription or credit card required”. The game comes as a 10Gb download + patches via a special branded torrent client, so don’t expect to be playing it the same night […]