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Morrowind 2011 pack

There’s been a storm-in-a-teacup over the new ‘Morrowind 2011’ mod pack, over the last few days, as concisely explained by the compiler’s acquaintance Kenneth Hynek. Personally, judging by the video of the pack in action, I think the mod mix in question is perhaps a little over-the-top and visually unbalanced. Sedya Neen has trees of the wrong type for a coastal swampland region and in the wrong places (a massive redwood growing straight up out of the shoreline), and there are garish rows of flowers growing alongside the cottages (this is a rough tough shitty convict-shipping garrison port, not a Gardens in Bloom competitor). There’s obviously no mod to curtail the generic NPC backchat as you walk past them, which I’d consider vital. Fargoth’s clothes don’t appear to have had any kind of upgrade modding applied. And for all the graphical lushness and pretty-pretty water, the overdone bloom/shadows combo makes for a terribly harsh contrast. There’s also the telltale sign of an overzealous mod installer — they messed with the original night sky. There is absolutely no reason to mess with the night sky, as Bethesda did a beautiful job. The list of mods used also includes the first four parts of the five-part Divine Domina mod, which replaces… “female cuirasses with a Domina version”. A dubious choice. And yet, if the first four parts, then why not also the fifth?

Still, if you want the pack, then the usual torrent sites have it. Or you could reinstall Morrowind the legit way, by following my Morrowind Expanded install and mod guide, which had all its links checked a week ago. The goal of my detailed tutorial guide is to carefully and rigorously improve Morrowind without messing with Bethesda’s original vision.


One comment on “Morrowind 2011 pack

  1. As a hardcore player of TES series, I am very appreciative of your Morrowind Expanded install and mod guide. Great job, Dude! The critical point is your mod guide didn’t mess up the delicate aura of the original Morrowind, such as the water surface, and the night sky. Sometimes overdone is worse than undone.

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