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Official Skyrim trailer

Just out, the new official trailer for the biggest single-player PC game release of 2011, Skyrim…

Hacking Bulletstorm

Ars Technica has a useful quide to saving the otherwise-excellent Bulletstorm from konsole kiddy hell, by hacking it into a proper PC game.

Risen 2, ahoy!

News and concept art for Risen 2. It’s a natural choice, despite the dreadful sales record of pirate-themed games on the PC. Yes, pirates, swashbuckling and bunderbusses it is — bringing to fore something that was a minor off-stage story element in Risen (with the Patty quests). Old-school fantasy RPGs meet Bethesda’s little-known Pirates of […]

Crysis 2 full PC leaked on the Web

Yes, a late (January 13th) beta PC version of Crysis 2 single-player has been posted on the usual pirate websites. Less than 50 days before it’s in the shops. Soldier-boy games are not really my sort of game. And post-apocalyptic settings are getting past their sell-by date, unless you whisper “Zeno Clash 2” in my […]

Another fab glipse of Skyrim

One more great screenshot from Bethesda’s forthcoming Skyrim (Nov 2011). I really hope this is a representative of the genuine in-play experience, and not a tricked up marketing shot made with a free-flying camera…

Widescreen 1920px screenshots from Risen on the PC

My set of widescreen / PC / 1920x1200px screenshots from Risen…

Skyrim NPCs screenshot

A new gallery of Skyrim screenshots, mixed with some pre-vis artwork that’s been out before. Judging from this (cut-scene?) shot, it seems that Oblivion’s unconvincing “speaking potato” NPCs have been rightly done away with…