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Crysis 2 full PC leaked on the Web

Yes, a late (January 13th) beta PC version of Crysis 2 single-player has been posted on the usual pirate websites. Less than 50 days before it’s in the shops. Soldier-boy games are not really my sort of game. And post-apocalyptic settings are getting past their sell-by date, unless you whisper “Zeno Clash 2” in my ear. But the word from those who’ve downloaded all 9Gb of the game is that the whole game is there, for those who like such games. And also that this beta has problems. Such as:

* unfinished and missing sounds, with place-holder “beeps” instead.
* stereo only, no surround-sound.
* fixed (unchangeable) keyboard controls.
* some missing textures.
* a workaround is needed to get it running at higher than 800 x 600px.
* possible memory leaks, unstable on some old systems.
* DirectX 9 only.
* limited to Gamer (lowest level) graphics mode?

Given all these rather major glitches and limitations, I suspect the leak may actually boost sales of the final version. People will pass this to their mates who have capped/crippled broadband as a DVD — a hot “private demo”, and it’ll probably act as such. Then more gamers than otherwise will pick up the real game in the shops. There was never going to be an official single-player PC demo. Maybe if there had have been, this release wouldn’t have happened.

I really can’t see anyone who has the game on pre-order cancelling it just because they got this partly-finished version, especially as it has no multiplayer. So it’ll be interesting to see the final actual effect, other than the initial effect of making EA and the developers furious.


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