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Risen 2 news and hands-on-preview

Risen 2 is one of my most anticipated games, along with Skyrim. So it’s great to see a new basic-but-pretty Risen 2 website

Even more interesting are new Risen 2 details, arising from a small playtest of Risen 2 by a games journo. In Risen 2 you have the same character, who is now ten years older and apparently a little too fond of the rum. There are giant sea-monsters (oooh.. touches of Cthulhu and the deep ones?). There are “brighter colours” and crisper textures. And, oh dear… “giant spiders”. Dumb. What is it with spiders and videogame developers? They were part of the reason I gave up on Lord of the Rings Online — they’re just such an unimaginative generic cop-out, especially if you remember the delightfully endless inventiveness of the monsters in Titan Quest, or the bizarre imagination that powered the monsters of Zeno Clash. I want imaginative monsters, not the ‘same old, same old’.

Amazon Germany has the game on pre-order and the release-date pencilled in for late December 2011. Let’s hope that this relatively early release-date, and the spiders news, don’t both presage a rush-job that simply slaps a new paint-job over the top of Risen. That wouldn’t actually be a bad thing, especially if it means that no NPC looks the same as any other. But it would be a waste if there weren’t new ideas and fresh concept-twists in the art direction. How about having the gnomes discover how to make balloons with levitation spells, and consequently becoming flying air-pirates in small derigibles? How about having some of the wolves turn into werewolves when the moon is full? What if there were mysterious stone carvings (like Easter-island heads) emerging randomly from rock-faces as you pass through ravines and along cliff walls, liable to start breathing poisonous fumes? What if there were talking birds that weren’t dangerous because of their attack, but rather because they spoke in riddles about the future that were sometimes true, and sometimes dangerously misleading? What if all mirrors became deadly portals to… you get the idea.

The leading German PC games magazine seems to have been sufficient faith in the 2011 date that it’s actually given Risen 2 star billing on the cover of its latest issue…


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