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Skyrim on the PC news round-up, no plot details

With two months to go before the release of the new Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim game, I had a quick look at some of the non-plot aspects of the PC version of the game:

* It’s using Steamworks for the DRM, not Windows Live.

* The game will be on one disc for the XBox, and probably for the PC too.

* The recent 20-minute gameplay/UI demo was running from an XBox, so the PC version’s hi-res textures and the inevitable 1000s of mods should allow it to look significantly better.

* The game is still being cooked, and the voice acting is only “placeholder” for now.

* Official PC minimum specs will be available in October.

* PC users will have to wait until December 12th to get the first two “substantial” DLC packs, while the XBox konsole kiddies get them early. Boo, hiss. If they hadn’t done that, I might have pre-ordered it from Amazon today. Because of the DLC delay Skyrim won’t be a ‘first-day purchase’ for me, as I was it expecting it to be. Looks like I might wait for the first patch, the v1.1 and v1.2 mods, and DLC packs, and then make it a Christmas/New Year holiday game. Maybe the price will be down to £22.99 by then, too.

* The Collector’s Edition box is the size of a small shed.


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