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Risen 2, eta Q1 2012

Fab. We have a released date for Risen 2: Dark Waters, “sometime in the first quarter of 2012”. A PC and 360 demo has been shown to the press this week (most of the writers don’t actually seem to have played Risen 1, yet still whine about how crap the 360 port was…), although the reporting doesn’t seem to reveal any dramatic departures from the first game. But Risen 1 on the PC was a great game, and I’d be happy with a pirate-y makover and a polish. There is said to be more humour this time around, but — since the developer is German, and German ‘humour’ is notoriously unfunny outside of Germany — that may not be a good thing. Also: guns (usable), sailing ships (just decoration), a pet monkey or pet parrot (controllable). PC buyers will get special hi-res textures optimised for the PC. Console kiddies get a wheel UI control, but PC users get a bar.


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