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“Risen 2: the Making of…” – new video

Just online today, a new “Risen 2: the Making of…” video. Part one of a series… Warning: massive plot spoilers! Advertisements

Excellent new giant Skyrim map, annotated

GameBanshee’s excellent new annotated Skyrim map. They have also kindly supplied a hi-res PDF for printing a giant wall-sized map suitable for framing. Warning: may be considered a plot-spoiler.

[H]ard OCP slaps Skyrim on the test benches

[H]ard OCP has given Skyrim a thorough stretching on its test benches. Warning, spoilers in the first two paragraphs of the “Testing Skyrim” section. Some results of the tests are predictable. As with all Elder Scrolls games, the game is markedly CPU limited. And Nvidia is clearly the better brand of graphics card… “For this […]


Skyrim: No Spiders mod

One of the first Skyrim mods, straight out of the gate, despite the Creation Kit not hitting the release-date. No Spiders. Replaces all spiders with grizzly bears, although it’s just a quick-fix mesh replacement for now. Personally I might have replaced them with one of the Morrowind monsters, but that’s just me. Doubtless there will […]

Skyrim on the PC – round-up

The PC videogame Skyrim is out today. I guess others will be looking at it, so here’s my summary of an hour looking through the best of the various bits of intelligent Skyrim coverage. * Archer / thief play is said to be a really sound way to play. Heavy armour is not very good […]

Behind the Wall: The Making of Skyrim

A trailer for Behind the Wall: The Making of Skyrim bonus DVD video… no game spoilers in it, as far as I could see…