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[H]ard OCP slaps Skyrim on the test benches

[H]ard OCP has given Skyrim a thorough stretching on its test benches. Warning, spoilers in the first two paragraphs of the “Testing Skyrim” section.

Some results of the tests are predictable. As with all Elder Scrolls games, the game is markedly CPU limited. And Nvidia is clearly the better brand of graphics card…

“For this game at least, NVIDIA-GPU based current generation video cards is where it’s at, whether you are packing a 30″ monitor running at 2560×1600, a 1080p panel, or a multi-monitor gaming solution, they are simply faster. […] Gamers with a more modest budget should consider the GeForce GTX 560 Ti [currently £160-£190 in the UK, depending where you shop] as a solid option for 24″ and smaller monitors.”

Why knew?

Textures have also been rushed in places, which confirms what many reviews have said about blurry textures on the PC (didn’t I read before release that the “PC version also gets higher res textures”?). A follow-up [H]ard OCP article on the inconsistent texture quality on the PC will be published by [H]ard OCP next week. They attribute this to the console development needs, but I’m guessing it may also have been due to the need to get the game to run on low-spec PCs?


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