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Anticipated PG single-player games of 2012

Single-player PC games I’m anticipating in 2012, in order of interest… 1. The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim downloadable content (DLC), which promises to be more of a game in itself than the Bethesda’s Oblivion DLC was. Rumour has it that we may even get Morrowind, remade for the Skyrim engine and released on Morrowind‘s 10th Anniversary […]

Ten mods I’d like to see for Skyrim

10 mods I’d like to see for Skyrim: * Unique children. Because their faces all look exactly the same, and are the same age and height. And they all seem to have American accents, yet are Nords. Even the clothes are very similar. Is there a secret kiddy cloning factory somewhere in Skyrim? Except for […]

A quick and basic Elder Scrolls: Skyrim “install and optimise” guide, for older PCs

A quick and basic Elder Scrolls: Skyrim “install and optimise” guide, for those with older gaming PCs. 22nd December 2011, updated with new mods April 2012. This is my step-by-step “quickstart” Skyrim install and basic mod guide, for 32-bit Windows 7 gamers on older desktop PCs. It follows on from my previous similar guides for […]

Skyrim 1.3.1 patch released

A new official 18.5MB Skyrim patch just landed from Bethesda via Steam, and it officially addresses the 4Gb memory problem.

Play ‘n puke

The UK’s Guardian asks why playing some videogames make you feel nauseous. (Oddly, reading the nauseatingly leftist Guardian often has the same effect for me). The otherwise appealing Just Cause 2 (PC), for instance, was unplayable for me because of that effect. While the awesome Risen (PC) had no such effects from start to finish. […]

SkyUI, new PC-centric UI makeover mod for Skyrim

Major new, PC-friendly, UI interface mod just released for Skyrim. SkyUI, done in a very professional manner.

Nvidia release new official Skyrim tweak guide

Nvidia have just released a complete 20-page tweak guide for Skyrim. Officially. Complete with precise screenshots illustrating what each tweak does to the game, and comments on the FPS imact on from each. Plus some .ini tweaks. Even NVIDIA Control Panel settings, plus driver tweaks. And a quick look at performance mods and console commands.