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Skyrim mod to make a personal timeline from a savegame

One of the nice touches in Skyrim is it’s in-game adaptablity. For instance: I accidentally did something in a shop, and shortly after I had stepped outside a courier arrived with a note for me, and the note named the shop and what I had done there, and also served to begin a new quest. There was no way that Bethesda could have pre-made such a note, so it must have been dynamically assembled by the game.

Wouldn’t it be nice if this sort of responsiveness and re-combinatory ability was directed into the creation of an ongoing personal “story map”. Recording in a summary graphical/word form where you’ve been and what you’ve done? The Journal in Skyrim just doesn’t hack it, in that respect. I want something like an interactive timeline, I guess. Spore had a very nice one, I remember. It dynamically assembled itself as you played the game. Something similar to that. I wonder if a mod could parse such a personal story timeline from the data contained in a player’s latest savegame? I guess it would depend on if visited locations are stored with a ‘first discovered’ date-stamp on them, and if that info could then perhaps be merged with the quest info in the journal. It might then build a basic framework which the player could further annotate and edit in a simple editor.


One comment on “Skyrim mod to make a personal timeline from a savegame

  1. Have you played Fable 3? It does sort of what you’re talking about, but in an amazingly generic way that only Microsoft could do. I did like the idea in this blog post, though. Maybe people could start having Facebook pages linked to and fed by the activity of their Skyrim characters? Okay, I’m writing a blog post about that now…

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