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Skyrim in stereo 3D, now fully fixed

New mod for Skyrim, 3D Vision Complete Compatibility for Skyrim… “This mod fixes all of the major issues Skyrim has when played in stereoscopic 3D with Nvidia’s 3D Vision solution.” Advertisements

Google developing a home gaming console?

Interesting news that Google building a home ‘entertainment’ device based on advanced fibre and wi-fi. My guess would be that the market for music-streaming devices (apparently the stated aim) is already being well satisfied by $50 wireless headphones and other kit, and my hunch would be that Google may in fact be planning a multi-use […]

Skyrim Creation Kit lands

The new Skyrim Creation Kit is finally out now for the PC, downloadable from Steam. The Kit offers modders the same tools as the developers used, and thus the ability to create almost anything they can imagine. The secret special bonus is an official hi-res PC textures pack, as promised a very long time ago […]

Risen 2 goes to pre-order

Risen 2 PC now on pre-order at the USA Amazon. Those who pre-order will get an exclusive extra DLC quest featuring Patty. The released date of 24th April 2012 seems to be holding.