Google developing a home gaming console?

Interesting news that Google building a home ‘entertainment’ device based on advanced fibre and wi-fi. My guess would be that the market for music-streaming devices (apparently the stated aim) is already being well satisfied by $50 wireless headphones and other kit, and my hunch would be that Google may in fact be planning a multi-use console to take advantage of the huge recent advances in motion-sensing of infra-red markers, voice and face recognition, device data and connectivity, digital optics and augmented reality, etc. It could have multiple uses: as an “intelligent home” box; as a “personal health data monitor” hub; and also as a “super Wii”/Kinect-like gaming device which takes your whole home as its playground via a simple pair of glasses. If Google is about to become a game distribution company via its Google Chrome browser’s Native Client, as seems likely, then it would seem probable that they are setting up a long-view R&D lab for videogames in the home.


3 comments on “Google developing a home gaming console?

  1. Google just launched Google Play…

  2. […] Google gears up for the augmented-reality gaming home, delivered to wireless AR glasses straign from the Web […]

  3. Google Glass Patent: Infrared Rings and Fingernails (The Verge) — “The patent describes a wearable computing device whose interface can be controlled by infrared markers in the form of bracelets, rings, artificial fingernails, or effectively invisible temporary decals. A camera in the glasses would pick up radiation reflected from the marker, giving it a point of reference for user control.”

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