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Morrowind’s 10th Anniversary

The prestige business magazine Forbes notes Morrowind‘s 10th Anniversary with a beautifully written article (warning: several key plot-spoilers are revealed). The game was first released 1st—5th May 2002. No-one else seems to have noticed the Anniversary, other than Steam which has the game for sale at 50% off. Bethesda hasn’t released an anniversary ‘Morrowind Updated’ DLC add-on for Skyrim, as some had expected. They did announce that the first DLC will be called “Dawnguard”, and there may be snow elves and crossbow weapons. Details on the Skyrim DLC release are still vague, and PC users will only get it a month or so after the console kiddies do.


One comment on “Morrowind’s 10th Anniversary

  1. […] details about upcoming DLC additions — Crossbows! Snow Elves! — in patch files, to the tenth anniversary of the release of Morrowind, to the announcement of the release date of Arkane Studios’ Dishonored, there has been a lot […]

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