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Play games, burn calories

Watching a good pulse-racing chair-gripping horror movie apparently burns up to 184 calories a time, according to new research from British boffins. So presumably a good action-style video game, which can absorb up to three hours per play session, could be using up to 400+ calories a time — especially if you count the physical […]

ChaosUT2: Evolution back in development

After five years, the well-loved ChaosUT2: Evolution Unreal Tournament 2004 mod lives. Back in development and active bug-fixing… “Our goal is to make the game bigger, deeper, and maybe even a little bit better, all the while appearing as if it came with the original game – right out of the box. And in doing […]

Techies train UT2004 bots to beat a Turing Test

Good to see that someone is still working on improving the classic Unreal Tournament 2004. Scientists have developed a new UT^2 mod which offers advanced bots that are so human-like that they have passed the “50% humanness” ‘Turing Test’ threshold — and thus won the annual Botprize Competition. This Competition is… “an annual competition to […]

Skyrim’s DLC is a dud, it seems

Oh dear. After all the waiting, the hype, and then the wait for the PC version, the first “Dawnguard” DLC for Skyrim looks incredibly disappointing. In fact, more than that, if the authoritative PC Gamer magazine review (latest edition) is anything to go by… “unbelievably shoddy” “a mess” “regularly crashes” “uncompletable” “they bungle [the story] […]