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Skyrim’s DLC is a dud, it seems

Oh dear. After all the waiting, the hype, and then the wait for the PC version, the first “Dawnguard” DLC for Skyrim looks incredibly disappointing. In fact, more than that, if the authoritative PC Gamer magazine review (latest edition) is anything to go by…

“unbelievably shoddy”

“a mess”

“regularly crashes”


“they bungle [the story] spectacularly”

All this for a whopping £14 ($20). To think that we might have had a complete recreation of the original Morrowind in the Skyrim engine… and a portal into it from the world of Skyrim. But we didn’t. Sad.

The second DLC is out for the PC today, and it’s seems it’s just a “horse armour”-style mod. For $5 you get to buy a plot of land, build houses, get married, and raise children.

Bethesda, this is not what we’d been led to expect of the DLC packages.


One comment on “Skyrim’s DLC is a dud, it seems

  1. But we’ll buy it anyway 🙂

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