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Techies train UT2004 bots to beat a Turing Test

Good to see that someone is still working on improving the classic Unreal Tournament 2004. Scientists have developed a new UT^2 mod which offers advanced bots that are so human-like that they have passed the “50% humanness” ‘Turing Test’ threshold — and thus won the annual Botprize Competition. This Competition is…

“an annual competition to program bots that appear human-like to other humans for the commercial videogame Unreal Tournament 2004.”

Here are the readme instructions…

“To launch UT^2 [i.e.: have the human-like bots], you must have access to a UT2004 server with the latest patch installed. The server must be running the Botprize version of GameBots that is included in the “GameBots2004” directory (follow instructions in the readme within the mod’s zip file). Once the server is running, you can connect the bot to it by running:

   java -jar UT2Bot_2012-1.0-SNAPSHOT.one-jar.jar

Where is the IP of the server running UT2004.

Sadly, the list of maps included in the mod are all Deathmatch. No Onslaught maps, and so no Arctic Stronghold.

Still, I guess we can live in (vague) hope that the technology might once day be included in a 100% faithful remake. News reports say that Epic is recruiting now for a new dev studio in Seattle to polish the Unreal Engine 4, and that Fortnite (a “build the castle, defend the castle” game) will be the first Unreal4 game sometime in 2013. So there’s a slim hope that some die hard fans might want to licence the engine and build a 100% faithful indie remake of a few of the best levels from UT2004. I’d buy that, via a Kickstarter project.


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