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ChaosUT2: Evolution back in development

After five years, the well-loved ChaosUT2: Evolution Unreal Tournament 2004 mod lives. Back in development and active bug-fixing…

“Our goal is to make the game bigger, deeper, and maybe even a little bit better, all the while appearing as if it came with the original game – right out of the box. And in doing so, Chaos brings an entirely new feel to the game of UT2004, but does it without removing anything from the original game. […] Chaos can be played and enjoyed in ALL standard UT2004 game types”.

With this latest version of the mod the Hoverboard (as copied by the dismal Unreal 3) is now in all game types. It’s the first time I’ve played this mod. Loads up fine. I tried it on Onslaught: Arctic Stronghold, in single-player. It certainly changes the game, and will take a little getting used to. One nice side effect is that the bots now appear in places they never went to in the vanilla version (like the laser-turrets of the central bridge), and they appear to try different tactics. Some of the other stuff seems a bit silly (a version of the spider-mines launcher that fires smiley faces, a nearly-nude team-member), but it’s very configurable and most things in it can be turned on or off.


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