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Elite: cargo dumped

Elite: Dangerous. No single-player offline mode = no purchase by me.

Morroblivion install notes and guide (Nov 2014)

Well, praise be to Fargoth! I just found out that the Morrowind megamod for Oblivion was finally finished and released, fully playable, in early July 2014. It’s called Morroblivion and has the landscape of the famous Morrowind game, the main quest, guild quests, and all side quests. Many thanks to all concerned at the TES […]

Elite: Dangerous dated, priced

The British space trading game Elite: Dangerous has been dated for the PC. There’s to be a launch party and premiere at The Imperial War Museum in the UK on 22nd November, which will be livecast to the Web by Followed by the sale of the retail game from 16th December 2014 onwards. Pre-orders […]