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Far Cry: Primal

Looking down “the PC games of 2016” list, Far Cry: Primal looks like my game-to-watch for 2016. At least until someone faithfully remakes and ships Unreal Tournament 2004 (which is actually sort-of-maybe happening, but is still in alpha).

Primal had me at “Badgers”. Any game with prehistoric badgers has to be fun…

“Players can tame wildlife such as prehistoric badgers”.

It’s single-player from Ubisoft, in the same mode as TheHunter and TheHunter: Primal, and is set to be released early March 2016, which — given a patch and a mod or three — should mean it’ll be worth playing by the summer. Hopefully it will be moddable in some ways, as it would be fascinating to overlay the raw game world with the animistic spiritual beliefs of such hunter-gatherers, to see those fleetingly actualised in the landscape as if through their eyes. Their music and song, too. It’ll also be interesting to see how the game measures up against the now very-polished TheHunter.


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