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Skyrim Special Edition for PC

I just heard something about The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition (PC). But where is it? Erm, Amazon UK “knows nurthing…”, not even a release date. Durh. Steam may know something, but it slams me with an age verification check before it’ll show me anything about the game. And yet search engines show me that Special Edition PC game is apparently freely available from pirate sites. Seriously, if it’s easier to get from pirate channels than from the legitimate sources, is it any wonder that people pirate? However, it seems that PC players don’t need to bother. According to Rock, Paper, Shotgun the Special Edition is only meaningful for the konsole kiddies…

“[on the PC] you’ll be lucky to feel there’s been any meaningful change. If anything, you might find that it’s a step down from your modded original Skyrim with the Bethesda high-res texture pack, and a dark return to the infuriating official interface to boot. A brand new, truly 2016 Skyrim this is not. … I switched repeatedly between it and an unmodded Skyrim original install with Bethesda’s official high-res texture pack added in … Ultimately, I came damned closed to preferring the original. [and] the Special Edition does not yet support many mods”

Yuk. So basically it’s just a feeble excuse for some pre-Xmas marketing spam, at the cost of causing modders to have to work double-hard to support both versions.


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