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Titan Quest: 10th Anniversary Edition

One of my all-time favourite games Titan Quest (2006) (my review), recently had a 10th Anniversary release. This mega bufferooni of a release was slipped out in August when I wasn’t paying much attention to such things, and I’ve only just discovered it. The new edition is on GOG.com and apparently also on Steam (I followed a switch-bait link to the game on Steam, and was sent to their home page instead. I guess it’s in Steam somewhere, maybe…)

This Anniversary Edition combines Titan Quest + Titan Quest: Immortal Throne, but that’s not new — since the old Gold Edition did that. It allows Steam mods, but the original game shipped with a full Construction Set of the sort that allowed mods up to and including massive total conversions such as Lilith. It also rolls up and includes all the fan fixes to date, and removes GameSpy, both kind of useful. Apparently there are also stability fixes, but I found the Gold Edition game with the fan patch as solid as a rock anyway.

Changes which seems most relevant to single-player gamers:

* Scalable UI for larger screens.
* Dozens of new heroes and bosses.
* Improved enemy and pet AI.
* Shader & renderer improvements.
* Updated loading-screen art.
* Quick loot pick-up option.
* Player run speed increased by 10%.
* Higher stack limits inc. 25 health bottles, and a larger stash.

That’s enough to tempt me back to the game, and I also see there’s a handy anti-creepy-crawly mod for the new edition: Turn all spiders into turtles or centaurs.


One comment on “Titan Quest: 10th Anniversary Edition

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