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Titan Quest: 10th Anniversary Edition

One of my all-time favourite games Titan Quest (2006) (my review), recently had a 10th Anniversary release. This mega bufferooni of a release was slipped out in August when I wasn’t paying much attention to such things, and I’ve only just discovered it. The new edition is on and apparently also on Steam (I […]

Life on the Mississippi as a videogame

The audiobook of Mark Twain’s Life on the Mississippi provides, in its first half, a near-perfect template for a business tycoon / colonisation / steamboat piloting videogame. Admittedly, in the PC Windows market anything that comes within a league of being a sailing/pirates game falls overboard and gets eaten by sharks. And I guess the […]

Galactic Pinball

Ah, now that’s what I call a game!

Morroblivion install notes and guide (Nov 2014)

Well, praise be to Fargoth! I just found out that the Morrowind megamod for Oblivion was finally finished and released, fully playable, in early July 2014. It’s called Morroblivion and has the landscape of the famous Morrowind game, the main quest, guild quests, and all side quests. Many thanks to all concerned at the TES […]

Fuel (2009) patched, fixed up, modded

Way back now I wrote a long review of the videogame Fuel on PC. Now I find there’s a handy and mature tweaks-and-fixes mod for the game: Refueled, which has had two years of work put into it. There is also version 5 of an unofficial (fully compatable) fix patch which notes that: “this patch […]

A simple trade run in Elite: Dangerous

Eight minutes of in-game footage showing a complete trade run in the new Elite: Dangerous. This much-awaited game, a revamp of the famous Elite of yore, has just released its beta.

Once upon a time, in a galaxy inside of your PC…

Aweswome. The new Elite spacefaring game is making a 1:1 scale replica of the entire Milky Way galaxy… Link to the video (can’t seem to embed this one).