Economics of games

Elite: cargo dumped

Elite: Dangerous. No single-player offline mode = no purchase by me.

Elite: Dangerous dated, priced

The British space trading game Elite: Dangerous has been dated for the PC. There’s to be a launch party and premiere at The Imperial War Museum in the UK on 22nd November, which will be livecast to the Web by Followed by the sale of the retail game from 16th December 2014 onwards. Pre-orders […]

“The red flag was returned!”

All those game developer companies which moved to the Socialist Republic of Quebec, Canada to get the taxpayer subsidies on offer? The subsidies have been cut. By $500 million. Ooops.

Dreamfall: Chapters – Kickstarter goes live

The Kickstarter for the long-awaited game Dreamfall: Chapters is now live, and has already met nearly half its funding goal with 28 days to go. It’s the sequel to the acclaimed The Longest Journey and Dreamfall (my Dreamfall review is here).

Elite: nearly docked!

Three days to save the greatest space game of all time, Elite, by having the founder and original designer turn it into a modern Windows game. The Elite: Dangerous Kickstarter is sitting at £1,131,886 pledged, of a £1,250,000 goal! So close! Expires 3rd Jan 2013!

Elite Kicks

The Kickstarter we’ve all been waiting for. David Braben is seeking £1.25m ($2m) via Kickstarter to fund a modern version of his famous Elite space trader game.

How to turn chicken shit into $1 billion

The Facebook social games arms-race is over — so declares Tadhg Kelly of Games Brief, who goes on to give an informed journalistic analysis of the winners. The unbeatable 800lb gorilla (or should that be chicken?) is bloody Farmville and its parent company which is currently going for a $1 billion IPO, but which most […]