Game reviews

“My god, it’s full of bugs…”

Oh dear, The Escapist review of the new Mass Effect: Andromeda game is in… “Unfortunately, Andromeda misses the mark” The story… “quickly devolves into something that’s going to sound all too familiar to fans of the series”. “… the game’s writing seems oddly out of sync, varying from quests that feel agonizing and meaningful to […]

Fuel (2009) patched, fixed up, modded

Way back now I wrote a long review of the videogame Fuel on PC. Now I find there’s a handy and mature tweaks-and-fixes mod for the game: Refueled, which has had two years of work put into it. There is also version 5 of an unofficial (fully compatable) fix patch which notes that: “this patch […]

TheHunter now offers all reserves to free players

Some excellent news for “virtual photographers” who have in the past loved the game TheHunter. TheHunter is a realistic open-world woodland hunting sim, which I first reviewed back in 2009. The news is that all the game’s hunting “reserves” (maps) are now open to “guest” (free) members of the game. And not just for a […]

The Witcher 2, first impressions

I’m starting in on The Witcher 2, despite giving up on the original The Witcher game in Chapter 2 (buggy in Ch.1, then it got slow and I lost interest late in Ch.2). I wasn’t going to play W2, after having had enough fantasy RPG gaming with the excellent Risen to last me until Skyrim […]

Risen 2 news and hands-on-preview

Risen 2 is one of my most anticipated games, along with Skyrim. So it’s great to see a new basic-but-pretty Risen 2 website… Even more interesting are new Risen 2 details, arising from a small playtest of Risen 2 by a games journo. In Risen 2 you have the same character, who is now ten […]

Review of Risen (on the PC, patched)

Risen. Windows, having applied the bug-killing 1.10 patch of March 2010. I’m at 20+ hours of play. I’ve found Risen to be a very enjoyable and engaging PC RPG, with a strong sense of place and memorable characters. It’s an ‘open world’, but a manageable one — there are just four main areas. So far […]

Lord of the Rings Online free: the first few hours

The Lord of the Rings Online is now live as a free-to-play online game across the UK and Europe, as of 2nd November 2010. “No subscription or credit card required”. The game comes as a 10Gb download + patches via a special branded torrent client, so don’t expect to be playing it the same night […]