Game reviews

Fuel (2009) patched, fixed up, modded

Way back now I wrote a long review of the videogame Fuel on PC. Now I find there’s a handy and mature tweaks-and-fixes mod for the game: Refueled, which has had two years of work put into it. There is also version 5 of an unofficial (fully compatable) fix patch which notes that: “this patch […]

TheHunter now offers all reserves to free players

Some excellent news for “virtual photographers” who have in the past loved the game TheHunter. TheHunter is a realistic open-world woodland hunting sim, which I first reviewed back in 2009. The news is that all the game’s hunting “reserves” (maps) are now open to “guest” (free) members of the game. And not just for a […]

The Witcher 2, first impressions

I’m starting in on The Witcher 2, despite giving up on the original The Witcher game in Chapter 2 (buggy in Ch.1, then it got slow and I lost interest late in Ch.2). I wasn’t going to play W2, after having had enough fantasy RPG gaming with the excellent Risen to last me until Skyrim […]

Risen 2 news and hands-on-preview

Risen 2 is one of my most anticipated games, along with Skyrim. So it’s great to see a new basic-but-pretty Risen 2 website… Even more interesting are new Risen 2 details, arising from a small playtest of Risen 2 by a games journo. In Risen 2 you have the same character, who is now ten […]

Review of Risen (on the PC, patched)

Risen. Windows, having applied the bug-killing 1.10 patch of March 2010. I’m at 20+ hours of play. I’ve found Risen to be a very enjoyable and engaging PC RPG, with a strong sense of place and memorable characters. It’s an ‘open world’, but a manageable one — there are just four main areas. So far […]

Lord of the Rings Online free: the first few hours

The Lord of the Rings Online is now live as a free-to-play online game across the UK and Europe, as of 2nd November 2010. “No subscription or credit card required”. The game comes as a 10Gb download + patches via a special branded torrent client, so don’t expect to be playing it the same night […]

Nehrim walkthrough – English version

My unofficial “starter” walkthrough, for the English version of the Oblivion total conversion, Nehrim: At Fate’s Edge. (3Mb, PDF file). Version 1.0, September 2010. It covers the prologue in/at Shadow Song Mine, and the Tirin Abbey locale and quests. If a German walkthrough appears at some point (no sign of one yet), I’ll translate it […]