Lists of games

10 single-player PC adventure games for release in 2011

A list of 10 single-player PC adventure games for 2011. The only real “must buy” is of course Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Having hugely enjoyed Titan Quest this year, Diablo III is second on my list — but I’ll be looking carefully at reviews and probably waiting for a patch first. I think I’ll pass […]

Tourism v2.0

My survey of the top ten ‘Virtual Tourist Destinations’. All ten are free and work on Windows: 1. Whitehart Island, Washington State hunting wilderness. (3D open world, game-engine)… 2. The Painted Caves of Lascaux. (Psuedo-3D Flash tour)… 3. Bejing’s Virtual Forbidden City, a faithful recreation of the city in the Qing dynasty era. (3D world, […]