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Far Cry: Primal

Looking down “the PC games of 2016” list, Far Cry: Primal looks like my game-to-watch for 2016. At least until someone faithfully remakes and ships Unreal Tournament 2004 (which is actually sort-of-maybe happening, but is still in alpha).

Primal had me at “Badgers”. Any game with prehistoric badgers has to be fun…

“Players can tame wildlife such as prehistoric badgers”.

It’s single-player from Ubisoft, in the same mode as TheHunter and TheHunter: Primal, and is set to be released early March 2016, which — given a patch and a mod or three — should mean it’ll be worth playing by the summer. Hopefully it will be moddable in some ways, as it would be fascinating to overlay the raw game world with the animistic spiritual beliefs of such hunter-gatherers, to see those fleetingly actualised in the landscape as if through their eyes. Their music and song, too. It’ll also be interesting to see how the game measures up against the now very-polished TheHunter.

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Risen 3 Enhanced Edition PC

Risen was a favorite videogame of mine some years back, a very fine game that put the old-school and much-missed fun back into PC videogames. Unlike many games, it tempted me right through to the ending. Then there was Risen 2 (2012), though that only held me for a few hours before I was bored and stuck, and never went back to it. Judging by even the fair-minded reviews for Risen 2, that was probably just as well.

Now comes Risen 3. “But hasn’t Risen 3 been out for a year or so?” asks the Guy Who Finishes Three Games a Week. Well, yes, but this Guy Who Only Plays One Game a Year can now have Risen 3 on the PC in the new and final Enhanced Edition. Which is bug-fixed (as much as a Risen game can be), apparently has all the DLC integrated(?) and now has a large enhanced graphics pack for Windows 64-bit users

“Risen 3 has just received a pretty substantial graphical upgrade patch on Steam. It embiggens the textures, improves the draw distance, and adds new post-processing effects like HDR bloom and bokeh depth of field. It also, apparently, pretties up the skies, via “a new physically based, more visually realistic cloud rendering technique”.

Plus, the fans have rolled a handy free guide and walkthrough and even a… oh dear… no console command cheats yet. Damn it. Bit of a deal-breaker for the very occasional gamer like me, that last one. I do need some small-but-useful way of not having to die 54 times in exactly the same way, just so as to get past a particularly wild group of pigs etc and carry on with the story. So I’ll leave Risen 3 until Xmas then, and hope that in the meantime someone discovers the console command and a simple _no_death command. Or produces a simple trainer that works with this new edition.


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Galactic Pinball

Ah, now that’s what I call a game!


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Alton Towers has some competition. ScreamRide on Xbox One. Build, ride and destroy insane theme-park rollercoasters. Finally, a game to get excited about. Pity it’s not also for the PC.


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theHunter: Primal launches

theHunter: Primal is available now on Steam…

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Elite: cargo dumped

Elite: Dangerous. No single-player offline mode = no purchase by me.

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Morroblivion install notes and guide (Nov 2014)

Well, praise be to Fargoth! I just found out that the Morrowind megamod for Oblivion was finally finished and released, fully playable, in early July 2014. It’s called Morroblivion and has the landscape of the famous Morrowind game, the main quest, guild quests, and all side quests. Many thanks to all concerned at the TES Renewal Project. Here’s a short recent trailer video for Morroblivion, by someone who did a basic install without modding for textures or weather…

Actually it’s more of a DLC than a total conversion in format. Basically it’s Morrowind totally converted to a mod, so as to run in Oblivion. The player needs to own both games, plus their paid expansions, for it to work. Oblivion mods will run happily alongside/inside it.

(Next up for the team is Skywind, which is also Morrowind… but re-made for Skyrim. Skywind has some interesting trailer videos, but is not public and is still in development)

Here are the 10-step basics of my Morroblivion install process, which I typed up for my future reference — but which I thought might be good to share.


1. Install Oblivion GOTY (with Shivering Isles expansion)

2. Install Morrowind GOTY (with Tribunal and Bloodmoon expansions)

3. Install unofficial Oblivion Patch (you already have this if you installed via my quick-start)

4. Install OBSE, the Oblivion Script Extender (you already have this if you installed via my quick-start). From now on you use a desktop shortcut to OBSE’s obse_loader.exe to launch Oblivion.

5. Install the latest Ely’s Universal Silent Voice mod for Oblivion. This is an OBSE plugin and goes in ../DATA/OBSE/Plugins/ It won’t affect your main Oblivion gameplay, as it only runs when there is a missing voice file.

6. Install MenuQue OBSE Plugin (required for Morrowind_ob – UCWUS.esp)

7. Download and run the Morroblivion installer to get Morrowind_ob.esm as an Oblivion mod. Very easy, just point it to your Morrowind and Oblivion game directories, and it will do the rest.

8. Download and extract the Morroblivion resources archive (required). This is 2Gb in size, so you may prefer to use this torrent. Inside are the folders…

    00 Core
    01 Morrowind Music
    01 Tree Replacer
    01 Better Map
    01 Voiced Conversation

Fairly straightforward: copy the files and folders from inside the 00 Core folder to ../Oblivion/Data – and then do the same for what’s inside any of the other modules you want.

9. In whatever Mod Manager you use, activate Morrowind_ob.esm, then activate the other Morroblivion mods you want. Also activate DLC Shivering Isles, if you’ve not yet done so yet. Note that Morrowind_ob.esm must always be loaded right after Oblivion.esm…


The load order for the Morroblivion .esp mods is not said to be that important. There should be no conflict with vital or big Oblivion mods such as Unique Landscapes etc, though a few lesser ones have compatability patches.


10. There are a range of optional mods for Morroblivion listed on the TES Renewal Project site

Improved Telvanni Architecture

Vurt’s Ashland Trees for Morroblivion

Clothing Galore. Morrowind clothing meshes updated to Oblivion standard, and new textures.

* I installed all of the above, plus these few from elsewhere…

Original Morrowind Loading Screens

Morrowind Conversation (Restores voiced greetings dialogue. Comes in two versions, one with no idle chatter)

Better Morroblivion Water (Deactivate any water improving mods you had running for Oblivion!)

Bittercoast mists

Morroblivion Grass mod (Short trimmed grass — this now seems to be included in the main bundle??)

* I also found the following mods, elsewhere. They look useful but are not yet installed by me…

Restored Faction Relationships

Silt Strider Overhaul

Morroblivion Jewelry

After installing these various extra mods, load up your Mod Manager again, and activate them.

* If you get day-glo purple textures, simply boost texture quality to “High” in Video settings, then re-enter the game world.

* Increasing values in the Oblivion .ini file (..Documents\My Games\Oblivion\Oblivion.ini) in Notepad will boost your distant view (aka ‘draw distance’): uGridDistantTreeRange is distant trees; uGridDistantCount is all non-terrain objects.

* To change the Field of View, open the command line in-game with ` then type FOV 90.

That’s it! Start a wholly new game in Oblivion, and you will be given an option for where to start, which will be the usual intro video then the prison ship in the Seyda Neen dockside setting in the province of Morrowind.