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Skyrim shutdown

Right, with five months to go I’m giving up on tracking and reading Skyrim news. Why? Because now that Skyrim has hit E3 there are far too many plot spoilers in the press coverage. I really don’t want to start playing knowing the place, characters, world, monsters, and a third of the plot already.

On the age disparity in gamers

A new report from the U.S. Entertainment Software Association headlines the finding that the average age of gamers is now between the 37 and 41 years old. I’d be wary of accepting those lumpen figures at face value, until I can see the breakdowns by platform. Such self-reporting surveys usually lump Flash browser games and […]

BBC videogames series

Fab, BBC Radio 4 (middle-class speech radio) has a new regular documentary/interviews programme on videogames and virtual worlds. The first show goes out today at 11am (FM only, and presumably online to UK listeners), visiting a weekend make-a-game challenge to… “design and programme a game in 48 hours”

Why does the videogame industry loose half its creatives every five years?

Bob Bates, on Living a Creative Life in the Games Industry… “Every year, thousands of people come into the games industry, believing they have found their “dream job.” Five years later, about half of them are gone. […] To explore this problem, I interviewed over 60 people, ranging from workers “in the trenches” to company […]