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Walkthrough for the “Lost Spires” Oblivion mod

I’ve formatted, polished and expanded Frelay’s walkthrough for the major Morrowind-flavoured Lost Spires guild/story mod for Oblivion, and made it into a 14-page printable PDF file. Advertisements

Indie videogame makers – the documentary

We’ve had some great feature-length documentaries recently. Fanzine creators, pinball table makers, World of Warcraft addicts… Now 25 year old La Mar Williams wants to travel across America and interview indie game makers before he goes to college next year, as part of making a feature-length documentary. So far he’s raised nearly $6,500 of the […]

Monkey Island 2 to be remade

Great news. A remake of Monkey Island 2, following last summer’s success of the beautiful remake of the first game…

Videogames — antiques of the future

Glad to see that someone has the right idea… “I have collected … 50,000 [ videogames ] so far, and still growing. Why? Because I see in these games an emerging art form, and someone should start forming a library of them before they disappear” They’re the antiques of the future. And likely to be […]

85% of online gamers use a PC

New NPD surveys are always welcome, the latest shows that the PC overwhelming dominates online games… “The PC is still the most-used system for online gaming, with 85% of online gamers reporting using a PC for online gaming activities.” Take it with a pinch of salt, though, since these sorts of figures only become meaningful […]