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Play ‘n puke

The UK’s Guardian asks why playing some videogames make you feel nauseous. (Oddly, reading the nauseatingly leftist Guardian often has the same effect for me). The otherwise appealing Just Cause 2 (PC), for instance, was unplayable for me because of that effect. While the awesome Risen (PC) had no such effects from start to finish. […]

Skyrim review in literary journal

A videogame review in the California Literary Journal. It’s Skyrim, of course.

Why does the videogame industry loose half its creatives every five years?

Bob Bates, on Living a Creative Life in the Games Industry… “Every year, thousands of people come into the games industry, believing they have found their “dream job.” Five years later, about half of them are gone. […] To explore this problem, I interviewed over 60 people, ranging from workers “in the trenches” to company […]

Two reports from the Skyrim preview

With Skyrim a little over six months away from release, The Escapist gets a hands-on viewing of Skyrim… “Bethesda’s Todd Howard, who helped make Fallout 3 and the previous two Elder Scrolls games, Morrowind and Oblivion, gave me a thorough tour through the game last week and even answered some (but not all) of my […]

Morrowind bibliography updated.

My Morrowind / Oblivion / TES / Bethesda bibliography has had its annual update.

Beyond Role and Play – free ebook

Free book: Beyond Role and Play : tools, toys and theory for harnessing the imagination (2004) (13Mb PDF link). Opening essay is: “In Search of the Self : A Survey of the First 25 Years of Anglo-American Role-Playing Game Theory”.

The Art Tradition In Today’s Games

From Ancient Greece To Halo: Art Tradition In Today’s Games. Picturesque view in Nehrim (Oblivion full conversion).