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My review of Titan Quest (2006) in 2010.

Titan Quest + Titan Quest: Immortal Throne (PC only). Buy them together as the Gold Edition. Date of original release: 2006/7. Type: Action RPG, isometric-view Setting: Earth, classical antiquity. Accessible for deaf players: yes. On Amazon: about £7 inc postage for the Gold Edition. Demo?: the free 500Mb demo is here. Patches: official to 1.30, […]

2010 European Gamer Survey

The Interactive Software Federation of Europe (ISFE) and ELSPA have a new report out on gaming in the UK and Europe, the ISFE 2010 European Gamer Survey… “32 per cent of the UK population now classify themselves as gamers, thanks in part to the rise of online and mobile gaming.” “25.4 per cent of the […]

Global publisher sabotaged UK games tax breaks

Global publisher sabotaged UK games tax breaks — or so says the respected Develop magazine. Personally I never thought the tax-breaks were a real promise anyway. It was just yet another mindless pre-election gag from a dying Labour government. Under the original proposals back in March any games getting relief would have had to have […]

Nehrim reviewed, translation

This is my basic cut-down translation of the recent German-language review of Nehrim on the Gamer Global website. I’ve cut out some minor plot-spoilers and some tedious griping about the shortcomings of the original Oblivion game mechanics… Nehrim final beta review. Authors: Kevin Stich / Editor: Jorg Langer at Gamer Global. Translated from the German. […]

Nehrim released!

Awesome news for Oblivion fans, Nehrim is released. Yes, that’s right. After four years of work by a small German team, it’s actually released. Today. For free. But only in German. The English translation is in progress. Nehrim is of course the follow up to the superb Morrowind total conversion, Arktwend. It’s a complete new […]

Morrowind 10th Anniversary edition

Morrowind will have its 10th Anniversary in 2012, having been released 1st – 5th May 2002. How should it celebrate? Personally I’d like to see a new boxed GOTD (“game of the decade”) edition that carefully integrates and balances the best of the fan mods, unofficial expansions and graphics enhancements, and that can all be […]